Ryaltopia - The Miitopia Mod

You have heard of Miitopia, the Mii RPG for 3DS and now Nintendo Switch, but did you ever think that a real life enemy could become an In-Game reality? Well in Ryaltopia, it becomes one!


  • Demo Modded
    • Get ahold of the Demo
    • Start on the Texturing
    • Complete Text edits
  • Initial Texturing
    • Decompression Figured out
    • Texture Editing sorted
    • Recompression Figured out
  • Text Editing
    • Monster Names
  • Compiling

Tomodachi Collection: New Life

You've heard of Tomodachi Life right? The 3DS game where you live out your Mii's lives? If you didn't know, there was originally a version for the NDS in Japan only called "Tomodachi Collection". In Japan, Tomodachi Life was named "Tomodachi Collection: New Life" so I decided for the mod name that it should be called that. Now, lemme explain what the mod is:

  • This mod will replace any audio in the game with the music from the DS game where possible, so mainly menu's and buildings.
  • There will be audio in the game that I cannot replace and cannot control.

This is now Avaliable!

Currently, members of my Discord Server are able to test Beta Versions of the mod, so join if you wanna play! This mod is supported on CITRA and 3DS Hardware (Luma3DS Required), installation instructions also avaliable in the Discord Server

Animal Crossing Dynamic Player (ACDP)

Do you like Animal Crossing? The music too? How about relaxing music? Well the ACDP sorts all that out! The ACDP allows you to listen to Animal Crossing music based off of what the time is and what the weather is based on your location.

How to use:

(Click the image to download if you haven't already!)

  1. Make sure you have Python installed! (This was tested on Python 3.8)
  2. Run "pip install -r requirements.txt" to install the required packages.
  3. Create a file called ".env"
  4. Inside that file, add "AREA="" and put your area afterwards.
    • For example: "AREA=Madrid, Spain"
  5. Make sure you have "games.txt", ".env" and "play.py" in the same folder!

That's it, you're all ready to go!

3DSLink/Striim3D (Working Name)

I'm sure you've heard of a 3DS, right? Well, if so, this is your lucky day! 3DSLink is aiming to bring back the media apps of the 3DS such as Nintendo Video.

List of services:

  • Spotpass TV (いつの間にテレビ)
  • Nintendo Video
  • Nintendo Anime Channel
  • YouTube
  • Dokodemo Honya-San (どこでも本屋さん) (Translation)

If you'd like to see progress on any of the services mentioned above, make sure to join my Discord Server for updates on them!

Currently, no services are available to use but Nintendo Anime Channel is being worked on and has the most progress!


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