eCDP/eSMART 2.0 Wii U Guide

There is a way to set up eCDP and eSMART 2.0 on a Wii U, this guide explains how to do that. Created by oscie

To use this, you need a Wii U with CFW (use this guide to install it, once done, make sure you have Tiramisu running as you follow the guide) and any DS game with Nintendo WFC connection (i.e. Mario Kart DS) as a Virtual Console game for online (eCDP ONLY)
To download the required game injects, click the Download button. For Wii U, get the WUP versions, but for CEMU, get the WUD versions.

Step 1 - Moving Files

  1. Put your SD card into your computer.
  2. Find the "install" folder on the root.
  3. Extract the zip into the folder
  4. Put the SD card back in the Wii U

Step 2 - Installing the game

  1. Turn on your Wii U and open up the Homebrew Channel via Mii Maker
  2. Open up "WUP Installer GX" (if you don't have it, grab it here)
  3. Select eCDP/eSMART 2.0 and click Install
  4. Wait for it to install and exit the homebrew channel.
The following information is to setup the save for eCDP ONLY. If you are planning to play eSMART 2.0, then you do not need to follow this guide, as it does not have a password system.

Step 3 - Obtaining the MAC Address

For this I will be using Mario Kart DS, other games can and will be different.

  1. Open Mario Kart DS as stated in the preparations
  2. Tap on "Nintendo WFC" and ignore prompts
  3. Tap on "Nintendo WFC settings" and head to options
  4. Once there, click on System Information and write down the MAC Address

Step 4 - Getting your Serial Code

  1. Click on this and type in your serial code.
  2. Set any Store ID and Store Management you want but make sure to write it down.
  3. Click on place offering and write down the serial code you are given.

Step 5 - Making the eCDP save

  1. Open up the game from your Wii U home menu.
  2. Click on the bottom option and type in the Store ID you set earlier.
  3. Press the button on the bottom of the keyboard
  4. Type in the Store Management ID you set earlier and press the button on the bottom of the keyboard.
  5. Next type in your serial code and once again press the button on the bottom of the keyboard
  6. Now this is where you set the manager ID and password, I recommend setting them both to "482500" so they match up with everyone else's code.
You have now completed the setup for eCDP/eSMART 2.0 on your Wii U. I hope you enjoy the game!