Discord Bots

Alot of the time, I make random Discord bots for people to use! They have loads of different uses ranging from statistics to moderation to just all-around fun. If you would like to contact me about a custom Discord bot, please contact me via my Discord server (on the main page).

Spotify Statistics
Spotify Statistics is a Discord application that tracks Spotify data between 100k+ users on the Discord platform and displays it to the user in an easy to understand format. It is in over 40 servers currently (and it can be in yours too!). To have your data included in this experiment, make sure to have your Spotify account connected to your Discord account via the "Connections" page in Settings. The bot uses Slash commands to interact.
Talking Ben
Talking Ben is a Discord application that allows the user to interact with Talking Ben the dog via Discord. It has a collection of commands that can be used for many reasons such as asking questions.