Hello there, my name is oscie. I like to create things, and do things, and play things! I am a full-time student (going to high school) and like to work on small (or big) projects in my free time.

What are your pronouns?
My pronouns are He/They but I dont mind which you use! If you mess up a few times, then thats okay!
Where are you from?
I am from the United Kingdom, and I live on the border between England and Wales. I really like it here, there's nice scenery.
What do you do?
I currently develop things in my free time, though I dont have much since I have to juggle around social life and school, but I try my best!
Taiko no Tatsujin, VR, Heartstopper and my friends!
Conflict, people who refuse to listen, and mayonnaise. Ew.

Check this out!

A small project I have been working on that allows you to turn TikTok's Text-to-Speech into an MP3 file!
Discord Server
I own a Discord server based around my projects and my Twitch streams! Come check it out :D
If you really like my work or just want to support me, please do! I appreciate it alot! You can do it by clicking on the button above!
Animal Crossing Dynamic Player
A Python script that lets you listen to music from the Animal Crossing series, depending on your real-life location and time. Try it out!